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# Monday, May 18, 2009

How is Vista like an over-budget Hollywood movie? Both have lots of visual effects they really don't need. Sure, it's kind of pretty when you roll your cursor over an item and it glows, or when you close a window and it becomes transparent. But pretty comes at a price. Each of those actions helps slow down your PC and affects its performance.

Since Vista came out, users have found that one of the sure-fire simplest ways to get Vista going faster is just to turn off those darn effects. (Don't worry, they can be turned on again if you really miss them, but I bet you won't.)

Turning Off Visual Effects to Improve Speed

First, open the Control Panel, and then click on the Performance Information and Tools feature. On the left-hand side, you should find the option "Adjust visual effects." Click on it. (A window will probably appear asking permission to go ahead; if it does, click Yes.)

Now, you'll see a new window which will list Vista's visual bells and whistles with check boxes showing which ones are turned on. To uncheck them all, simply select "Adjust for best performance" at the top of the box. If there's some features you really can't live without, you can now go through the list and manually re-select them.

With all that eye candy gone, your eyes might take a few moments to adjust to the Plain Jane appearance – but trust us, the new interface might be homely, but it is fast.

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